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Gladhammer Electronic Press Kit

Download here (pdf and hi-res pictures and audio in a zip file)


Gladhammer was formed in December of 2016 in Phoenix Arizona.

Gladhammer focuses on hooky melodies, thick, heavy chords, and plenty of volume to create their signature desert-rock sound.

This band was designed to be seen and heard live.

“We were tired of hearing a big difference between a song in our headphones, and then seeing that band live”, says Brian Diamond, guitarist of Gladhammer.

“That is why I play a true, stereo guitar rig live, and we only track ‘organically’ (24-tracks live, all real equipment)”

Fronted by Mitchell Steele from Jesus Chrysler Supercar/CHET, the vocals create a unique and emotional tapestry that connects with the audience. Hooks, melodies and words you will find yourself singing along too.

“Blah blah blah.” says Mitch.  “More Mitch quotes here blah blh jhdfjkah jkhadkjh ”

Gladhammer’s live sound, is a nod back to the ‘old days’, when you could actually hear the drummer’s snare live, and the bass, is an integral part of the sound.

Not hearing the drums, will never be a problem again, after bringing Matt Helmstadter from Zig Zag Black on board in June of 2017.  “I decided to join this band after walking away from music for some time because I believe in the creative process and mutual philosophy in song writing that we all share.” says Matt.

And don’t you dare refer to Gladhammer’s bass player as ‘the bass player’.  It’s John Tweedy up front, and in your face, playing the Warwick through a full stack.

“Most guitarists don’t understand that part of a good tone, is leaving room for the bass.” says John. “So, if you like the wall of sound Brian and I make, that’s because he knows this, and I set both our EQ’s- blah blah blah JOHN change this to a real quote”

Influenced by the unsung greats of the past like Failure, Hum and 30 Seconds to Mars, Gladhammer is sending listeners down on a new, yet familiar path.



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